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YeraTube, the African video-sharing social media app that cares about you!


With YeraTube, access thousands of free, private or paid videos, share your personal videos with thousands of users, create your community and earn cash by watching your favorite videos!

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Whether free, private or paid, they are available on YeraTube!

Share your personal videos

Become a pro influencer on YeraTube and earn a living with your creativity!

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Earn internet package or cash simply by watching your favorite videos or selling them on YeraTube!

How does it work ?

YeraTube is probably the most unique video sharing app of its kind and here's why!

YeraTube ads, the perfect digital communication tool!

Are you an entrepreneur, founder of startups or a company and you want to boost your business and give more visibility to your products? YeraTube Ads is the perfect tool for you!
We also provide a reliable payment API for startups and companies in Africa to implement online payment on their platforms!

Show your commercials and banners to a real, verified and ever-growing audience!

By running your ads and banners on YeraTube, you gain access to thousands of potential, real and caring customers to significantly boost your business and have more sales!

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With our advertising management console, follow the evolution of your various advertisements in real time and from wherever you are with your YeraTube account.

Benefit from a price adapted to your needs and a 24/7 assistant for the management of all your advertisements on YeraTube!

Our dynamic and dedicated team will assist you in finishing your advertising spots and banners and in putting them online and monitoring them throughout your advertising campaigns!

Our advertising rates

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a startup, an already well-established company and even a digital communication agency, we surely have a proposal that suits you perfectly!

FCFA10 View

ADC Plan (For advertising companies)

1 Video ad / Banner
Budget 100% flexible
Audience Unlimited
24/7 Assistance
FCFA15 View

Individual Plan

1 Video ad / Banner
Budget 100% flexible
Audience Unlimited
24/7 Assistance

Why choose YeraTube Ads for your digital communication campaigns?

With YeraTube Ads, you ensure that your spots and banner ads reach a real and certified audience, that your spots are fully watched, that your budget is used efficiently and that your business is totally boosted!