We're giving young African artists a breath of fresh air!

The YeraTube Creators Program aims at providing young african artists and art-enthusiasts with a tool to express their creativity, create and engage their community and monetize their talent in a lot of different ways! We help young African artists boostrap their career and focus on their art by remunerating the most dedicated ones among them with exceptional advantages!

YeraTube Creators Program

Introduction to the Program

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What is the YeraTube Creators Program ?

Being an young artist in the beautiful continent of Africa isn't easy. There is a crucial lack of ways to monetize digital content making it excruciatingly hard for young talented Africans who lack the means to boostrap a professional career to be left behind and eventually give up on their art and talent.

The social media video sharing app YeraTube made it its mission to assist all young artists across Africa the best way it can : Providing to the most engaged of them multiple ways to generate revenue on the app. The tech startup along with its financial and technical partners allocated 200,000 USD (128.100.000 FCFA) to launch a program designed to identify and select the most active and creative content producers on YeraTube and providing them with advantages such as :

  • A regular monthly income;
  • A unique remuneration method based on the number of views generated on the platform (100 points per 1000 views) which is multiple times higher than all other social network on the continent;
  • Technical support for their content creation;
  • And much more!

The program is going to be launched by mid-Aughust 2022 and concern all Africans and the complete list of criteria for being selected as a YeraTube Creator and benefit from the program is exclusive to YeraTube. It however requires to be :

  • An active and engaging creator on the YeraTube with a fixed number of total followers and followers acquisition per month;
  • An artist or an art-enthusiats with a lot of passion for what he/she does;
  • A proactive young African with a panafricain mindset and a will to have a great career!

Let's make Africa the great continent it deserves to be!